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Beauty and Wellness Freelance Writer

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Writing beauty and wellness.

Hi, I'm Shanice DK.

Happy + Satisfied Clients 

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Beauty and wellness copywriter, web content writer, lover of all things self-healing, self-learning, and most of all everything holistic.


I've spent most of my life studying and writing within an academic setting. Once I graduated into the world, I could not part from my passion for writing.


Now, I help business owners all over the world share their stories and connect with the people they value most, their customers. 


I take pride in the work I do because I know that you value your business as much as I value mine.


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Services Offered!

Writing beauty and wellness, the right way!

When it comes to writing beauty and wellness, I'm not only passionate, I am invested.

Beauty has been apart of my life for as long as I can remember and 'wellness', is a way of life that everyone should strive for. 


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Wellness encompasses health as well. When I speak of wellness, I am referring to Mental, Spiritual, Physical, and Nutritional Wellness. 


I like to believe that true 'wellness' is achieved by seeking out things that feel good and so I enjoy creating content for feel-good brands. 


As a Health and Wellness Content and Copywriter, I've helped brands to transform lives.


I've crafted content ranging from fitness content teaching women how to seamlessly add stretching into their routine to spiritual content teaching people how to add meditation to their lives. I've also worked with CBD brands, aiming to alleviate pain.


So, whatever the wellness content you seek I can be your Freelance Writer or your On-Staff Writer. 



>>Creating effective Web Content for 2+ years

>>Preparing Academic Content for 5+ years

>>Crafting Copy for 1+ year                       

>>Top-rated freelancer on Upwork

>>100% Job Success rate


>>B.S in Psychology (First class hons)

>>M.S (candidate)

>>Florida Certified Social Science Teacher

>>Conversion Copywriting 101- By CopyHackers



My purpose is to help you grow yours. So, let's work! 


I grew up in a household that celebrated natural beauty. My mother, a cosmetologist taught me the ins and outs of the Beauty Industry. As I grew, I found my own space and chose a more holistic approach.


It is through my history and self-discovery that I became a Freelance Content Writer within the Beauty Industry and later a Freelance Copywriter for Beauty Brands that value and use Natural Ingredients.


I've crafted beauty content on:

- Locs and Natural Hair   -Bath + Body    

-Nail Care   -Fostering Inner Beauty 


For businesses within these industries, I've crafted alluring and honest web copy, enlightening web content, and rich product descriptions.


I am a true Freelance Beauty Writer. So, let's work together in making 'beauty', beautiful again.

 Unsure of your web content or copywriting needs? Allow me to send you some ideas!

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Ready to talk more? Great, click HERE or the contact card below to send us an email. Let us know your freelance writing needs and a few details about your work. 

Not quite sure of how we can help you? No problem! Book a free freelance writing consultation and we can discuss key details. 


Before we meet, I'll already know a few details about your business. I like to be prepared. 


During the writing consultation, we will discuss: 

>Your business/work

>Your goals

>Your online presence 

>An overview of my services 

>Next steps


Click HERE or the contact card to reserve your spot! They fill up fast.

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