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Shanice DK - Florida-based

Beauty and Wellness Freelance Writer

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A lot of my work has been for clients who wanted ghostwritten content. In such cases, I will only list the article title but won't send a link to their site.

Ghostwritten Content Titles

Freelance Content Writer Portfolio 

Published Client Content + Guest Content

Some of these articles have been created for client websites. Although some may have been ghostwritten, the client has indicated to me that I can share or repost the articles. The guest written articles are my own.


  • Can CBD help to alleviate PMS?
  • How to Prevent Common Sleep Problems
  • Best Mattress to Improve Quality of Sleep
  • 10 Reasons why Sleep is Important
  • How to know if formula doesn't agree with your baby?
  • How to switch baby form breastmilk to formula?
  • Is Organic Formula better than regular formula?
  • How Activism may Impact Your Mental Health 


  • Does hair removal procedures hurt
  • What to expect after laser hair removal
  • Can you remove hair with a laser
  • How to use a home laser hair removal
  • 5 ways to get rid of dandruff
  • What are the benefits of a scalp massager
  • What does hair oil help with


  • How Millennials Buy Homeowners Insurance
  • Does Homeowners Insurance Cover My Home-Based Business?
  • Crystal Singing Bowl Accessories Reviews (2020 Buyers Guide)
  • CVNC Singing Bowls Reviews (2020 Buyers Guide)
  • Best Pilates Reformer for Home Use
  • Best Pilates Equipment for Home Use
  • Best Portable Freezer Reviews
  • Best Outdoor Freezer Reviews
  • Most Affordable Cities For Millennials To Buy A Home In 2020
  • Most Affordable Cities for Retirees to Buy a Home in 2020

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